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2901 uniformity canceled

Carlos Mayer

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Hello Group,

I have a 2901 which I bought used and was being working very well but, abruptly, its hard disk got damaged.

After the hard disk had been replaced, I could install the H version but I prefered to install the newer J version.

Since I have no backup floppy disks, I had to begin registering papers, magazines, etc. from the very beginning but, when the uniformity process begin, the system stops it with the # 6089 error (Uniformity data was not found) which means that

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When you buy the machine from new (or buy a replacement MLVA head) there are 3 floppy disks that contain the MLVA uniformity data that are made in Japan. The problem is the data on the disks are unique to each MLVA head so I doubt the data from another MLVA head would give you good uniformity.

I think Noritsu Japan keep master copies of the disks; you would need the serial No. of the MLVA head to obtain the correct disks for your unit.

Have you tried connecting up the old hard drive to another PC to see if you can access any of the data? Copying the contents of the C:\noritsukoki folder onto the new hard drive should restore the data. You will need to reload the new software again as the software version on your old hard drive was different.

You may be able to set it up in service mode using uniformity patterns 2, 3, 4 & 1 in that order. You will need a UMAX 3400/3450 or 4500 flatbed scanner to scan the prints to correct the uniformity. The uniformity correction does not work with Epson scanners.

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do u have any backup data before? I think u can use any old backup data and you read a backup data. I'm sure you can find out MLVA data - initial as well update MLVA data in service data backup. At the last solution, you can use any service data of any other 2901. It's recommended to read mlva data only in service mode. it still work well after you do uniformity. I have a set of service data, if you consider this way, pls. pm to me.

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Hello Dave and LCD...

Firstly, thank you very much for your respective prompt answers.

Let me say that we have four 2901 and no C:\noritsukoki folder nor MLVA data disks from the other printers go well in this 2901. For worse, original C:\noritsukoki folder from this printer cannot be get in any way.

I guess that there are two main things to do:

1) try to rescue older C:\noritsukoki folders from a discard disk that I should find (je)

2) ask Noritsu company a copy of the corresponding MLVA data

3) try with the MLVA data disks from LCD

You can't do anything with point one but can help me with the other two points! do you know how to contact Nortisu Japan directly? and, LCD, your files will be welcome! please compress them and send me them to c.mayer@revelados.com.ar, hope they work!

Gentlemen, you are generous and amiable... THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Carlos Mayer

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I understand but I prefer to ask a japanese friend company where we use to buy spare parts from and, in this way, we don't waste time, money and efforts (in other words, local Noritsu agents are not the best!).

Looking at other group of floppy disks (which belongs to another 2901), INITIAL DATA floppy disk has the printer section serial number, the INITIAL DATA 2 floppy disk has the processor section serial number and the other three MLVA DATA disk has the MLVA engine serial data.

According to this, what happen with all the original information when we make regular back up on these floppy disks? or Noritsu expects that we -users- have to use new floppy disks and NEVER write on the original ones?

I cannot disguise my surprise about a company such as Noritsu which trust the entire wellfunction of a printer on the actual floppy disks quality! it is incredible... almost unacceptable.

Warm regards.... Carlos

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The original floppy disks are the master copies and should never be used to make the backups on.

Backups should be done on another set of disks.

I agree relying on floppy disks today is ludicrous, but that is the only way you can make the backups, unless you enter the service mode which will allow you to store the data anywhere except onto CD.

I recommend people do the backup onto the floppy disks then immediately copy the floppy disks onto another computer to keep the data safe.

Contact info: http://www.noritsu.co.jp/english/company/outline.html

Your picture shows your disgust very well  ;)

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In some way, the pic shows my actual humor but, believe in me, I feel much happier... life is much more than a minilab problem.. fortunately!

About this photograph, it was taken at the middle of recent holidays after a lot of conflicts, disturbances, discussions and shouts of my sons... it is not easy to be a good father; at least here, there isn't a school for parents! and a picture like this is the logic result of it.

Well, going to the main topic, thanks for your help. It will take some days to get those new FD, hope to post results soon.

Thanks so much! Carlos

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