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help with qss 3201 laser error


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we have recently installed a used noritsu 3201 machine. At the setup stage we get error in laser B (blue)- the level is 0 and con not be incresed / changed. As a result the out put picture laking blue colour and yellowish. The red and green are both ok. Has any got an idea what causing this and if the laser unit is at fault where can we obtain one and how expensive it is?



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1) How long have u been using you QSS-32?

2) do you have any error nos  during printing, after AOM swap?

3) After AOM swap, you need to do a daily calibration ,didn't you ?

4) laser unit can have problem even without errors generated..

Thanks david this is really a good news,

But the print out is still blue - different shade. How can I check that the laser unit is oKay.


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  We had the same problem with 3300. A guy that came from Noritsu came to a point that laser's dead! But, if you live in normal, civilized country (not like us), that laser suppose to be replaced by Noritsu free of charge if you purchased mashine less than 18 months ago. (We didn't get ours replaced yet. For now we've waited almost month and a half). Oh! almost forgot. Yesterday I got to check AOM's on 3201. I just swaped it and it works for now,but how long it'll work?....   We have 2901, 3201, 3300, 3301. For the last month we had to deal with ALL our 33ds (either AOM or laser problem)

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