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34 Pro prints washed out


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Let me introduce myself: I'm not a lab specialist. I'm a user of the lab. Someone on your forum noticed that if customers start to use custom profiles, that open a can of worms. I'm probably one of such worm  :). I'm trying to get best quality from Noritsu printers  using custom profiles but have some issue.

I tried to resolve it on my photo forum and have got some good suggestions. But before follow them I'd like to receive advice of real printer professionals.

Please take a look on my original post on photo.net (with illustrations):


Briefly, my prints looks way too contrastier than I see them on my profiled monitor in soft proof preview. Highlights around 85% are clipped and colors are washed out.

I printed using correct Dry Creek profile. I'm pretty sure that my workflow is correct. Generaly I'm happy with color match.

Is there any way to improve the situation, any adjusment I can do or ask the lab technician to decrease cliiping of highlights?  Or  is it always supposed to be like this? I have not much experience printing on Noritsu I have used before only traditional photo lab process.

The attached are two files of what I see on print and on monitor in soft proof. The difference requires no comments.

Thanks in advance


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