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speeding up 2901


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    Thouse who has 2901 definately knows how slow they are,(not even comparing with a new mashines). While printing files that were croped it is OK, but printing from CT-SL or other not croped files feels like a waste of time. So here is a question: did anyone ever changed a motherboard, processor or the whole PC. What kind of problems you've faced and how you solved it?

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I personally have not done a 2901. But I did do a 27 dls machine. The drivers need to be gathered before you start. The recovery disk(if a 2901 has one) will be useless so the drivers for the LVDS and such will need to be sucked out of the old machine.

My LVDS board had to be in a 2.1 compliant PCI slot. It would NOT work in a PCI-X slot. I think you need a isa slot too for the 2901. Once windoze is happy with the drivers and suck the noritsu software shouldn't really care what box it's loaded into.

Do a search as I know this subject has come up before.

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in my experience, you can replace whole motherboard which has enough pci slot for lvds, arcnet and for display cards as well as atleast 1 com port( may be in 27dls need atleast 2 com port- because I saw 27 use 2 com port). driver for lvds and arcnet will be automatically be loaded when you install QSS system software. in my opinion, difficulty is that you select which motherboard is compatible with HDD you use, if not you face with main control error. I think you try with some couple main and HDD for pass this compatible.

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