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2901 error:1645 data too large


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Hi...We are getting a "data too Large" message when tying to print anything above a 8 x 10. We have to open them in PSP or Photoshop and really shrink them.Doesn't matter if it's only a small file. This problem is extremely aggravating as these files won't even transfer from our G3 kpm's without that stupid message. It gets embarrassing having to tell our customers that we need to shrink their files manually first.  

we're running a PC-NRT-4 with K001 software.....261,620KB RAM.

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I just upgraded my RAM to 512MB to see if it helped, and it is now letting me print some larger files. I just printed a 12 x 18 with no problem...a bit slow, but it worked. I'm going to top it up to the Maximum 1Gig tomorrow to see if it speeds up a bit.

Thank you very much for your help. These forums are a great help to new guys on the block like me....


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Yes, now that I have upgraded the Ram, I can print the 7200 x 4800 files no problem. Before I upgraded from a measly 256 mb, I couldn't print even an 11 x 14 at 100 dpi. The 2901 will now accept any size file within the 7200 x 4800 pixel range sent over from our four kiosk's. Amazing what $59.00 worth of RAM will do.

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