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Noritsu 37 series is out in India


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Hello to all,

In India Noritsu is launching 37 series of minilabs this month, five models to choose( 3701,02 03,04 and 05) based on printing capacities you need and  size of your pocket.Machines are basically based on 32 series.

The only new useful feature i could see is that  it is a network printer so you can fire it from multiple sources by buying EZ controller SW by paying extra as it is an optional item as per the specs. Something funny is buying a network printer hardware and then buying printer drivers as optional, as many as you want.

Looks like this from the first hand info and if my understanding is right that "EZ controller" is the printer driver SW.

Any way I will confirm it, only after attending the launching  live demo  and party ,which is on Oct 16 2007.

To know more details of 37 series you can  visit Noritsu japan site.



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