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32 series


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As the number gets higher, the print capacity increases. We have a 3202SD am I'm stuffed if I know what the SD is for. It is running Kodak prime SP lorr chemistry, but other than that I can't help.

Best machine we have owned. Reliable other than an AOM or 2, but thats what a warranty is for! Print quality is excellent, speed is good, although it does slow down on high megapixel cameras. However irfanview does a great job downsizing files for us.

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As Mr Noritsu has already said the main difference between the 3201, 02 & 03 is the increase in speed. The 03 version being the fastest.

SD means software driven.

This means there is no imaging processing PCB (hardware processing) all the image processing is done by software, via the PC.

This reduces costs, as image processing hardware is very expensive.

The Pro version does not have a negative scanner.

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