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mp 1600 or 2711


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Hi everyone, i have a noritsu 2711 with DLS 3.0 version.  i just got the machine recently.  I been trying to look for a way to create my own output printing size, but i couldn't find or know how to do it.  Like printing just two wallets instead of 8 wallets like what the software already set it.  Or passport photo, it set for 3 photo output, but i just want it to print out two only. Therefore, please help me!!!! Thanks

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Thanks Tom, the kodak.com website is a great input for me in many other question too.  However, i went to adding a custom print size and it ask me to "Open the x:\product\layouts\standard ".  I don't realy know where is that file "x:\product\layouts\standard" located at...  Yeah, if you have any other input text file that is easier to understand, can u send it to me.. You can scan it and send it to my email Kennydao1@yahoo.com or send to  8569 Madeira Ct., Elk Grove, Ca 95624.  Once again, thanks Tom

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Hi Kenny,

To find :x:\product\layouts\standard  go to my computer click on "extra x:" then products > layouts > standard and that puts you in the proper folder.  To find "my computer" click "start" then click "show desktop" icon  on the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Hope this helps!


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