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qss 2921 or 2901 which one is better


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One is a DLS software machine. And the other is Noritsu software. Some love DLS some hate it. I have operated BOTH and found myself MORE productive on the DLS machine. But I think DLS software is the greatest thing to happen to our industry since film was invented too. So I maybe biased. But that doesn't change the fact that Igot more done on a DLS in the same amount of time.

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QSS2921 and a 2901 have  the same exposure engine the difference is the software and the PC power. Dls software is very heavy on PC power so has a bigger CPU and more memory. The 2901 with Noritsu software runs with a smaller PC depending on the specifications, You can normally run the 2921 with Noritsu software and get the benefits of more power.

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Are you sure you can run Noritsu software on 2921?

The 2921 does not have a Noritsu scanner, I believe it uses a Kodak 1640/1650 or similar scanner as used on a 2711/2721 series. See the below picture.

I think you are getting mixed up with the 3011DLS which is basically the same machine as a Noritsu 3011 but uses DLS software instead of Noritsu software.

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