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2301 + HRCRT problems


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Have a QSS2301 + HRCRt at a customer  which gives error 449 (hrcrt not connected) at startup, after several powercycles of the machine it will connect to the hrcrt sometimes.

Someone told me it could be the batterypack on the leftside which is too old. Any ideas?

I have little experience with Noritsu and not all with HRCRT's, checked all cables etc. already ofcourse.

I service Agfa equipement normally so if I can return a favour to someone.. just let me know.

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The HRCRT is not connected error is usually caused by bad connections on the SCSI cables.

If you remove the front cover where the operation switch is, the SCSI cables are located on the bottom left, remove and clean the contacts and refit them there are a total of 3 connectors in this location.

If you remove the 2 paper magazines, the HRCRT PC is located at the back behind the cover, remove and re-fit all the PCI cards + the SCSI cable.

You can connect a monitor, keyboard (5 pin din type) mouse (PS2 connector) to the connectors on the panel near to the floppy drive, to check the PC is booting up ok.

It is quite common for the hard drive to fail, especially if it

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Someone knows how to increse speed printing system of HRCRT? it is very slow, but in reprints (same of one is fast)...

I think is a software problem due to software wait one by one to send prints...

About your problem, have you connected HRCRT by SCSI or Ethernet?? I really advise you to use Ethernet is more esay and easy for test...

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Even with ethernet connection you still have SCSI cables in the front of the machine. But one connetor will have a terminator instead of a connector. This board has been known to go bad and report that HR is not connected. I don't remember if it was an error of not connected to the whole machine or just the pc you were trying to print from.

It has some leds on it that will light/not light or be green/red when ok/not ok. I'm sorry I can't remember any better than this but it has been a long time since my 2301.

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