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3202 AOM problem

Mr Noritsu

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Our 9 month old 3202 (3212 to those in the USA) seems to have just dropped its 2nd AOM in 6 months. Not sure which one yet, but will do the usual swap checks to figure it out.

Got the usual bright blue prints with no image on them. E Bal is blue, prints are blue. Turned it all off and on again and its ok for the moment.

I seem to recall something in the past about a Noritsu modification or something similar that had something to do with failing AOM's. Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge of anything? Other than downtime, I'm not too fussed as we have a full new equipment warranty, but it just seems that 2 in 6 months is a bit much.

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just seems that 2 in 6 months is a bit much

This, to be honest is what now looks like a serious problem. The lab that I owned last year, had and HAS the same problem.. There was also another similar post about this a few days back..

This looks like a Noritsu problem.... Its OK if you are in warrenty period... but once out.. *Ouch*

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Replacement AOM is on the way and should be fitted tomorrow. It seems "some machines" had problems, but no one wants to share which machines! It was sort of confirmed that there was a mod program or replacement program for those faulty ones out there, but I was unable to find out much more than that.

I'll see what the techo sayd when he is here.

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Yes , it's me who had a similar problem and thank god it was just 9 or 10 months old and still under warranty so i got a complete replacement of laser unit with no questions asked with in two days, BTW we bought three machines at a time of same model 3202SD and this is the first major problem we faced. I thank again Noritsu service and support team in India, particularly our local branch staff for quick and swift action.

KVS Setty

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Looking at these posts with interest as I'm placing an order for that exact machine tommorrow.

Should I be put off at all?


Hello Steve,


No, you should not, so please go ahead!

The only moral of the story is take proper care and be prepared for  the worst.

As for as photofinishing euipment is concerned, i have not come across any company which is as supportive and service minded as Noritsu and at the same time machines are also quite reliable except in some out sourced components such as AOM's

Good luck and all the best.


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I would not hesitate to buy another 3202. We now have a new AOM and I have now sourced a spare AOM (just in case!).

Our tech advised that most of the issues seem to have been resolved, and it seems our machine may have been on the cusp of the "modified" aom.s.

I guess thats why you get a warranty, and also why you need to look at maintaining a service contract on the equipment

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