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2901 to 2911 ????


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If someone was not concerned with scanning of film what would keep them from converting a 2901 to 29DLS software machine?

Or could the 2721 frontend be combined with a 2901 to make a 2921 DLS machine? As the market place changes here I'm starting to think DLS software is more what a friend of mine needs.

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Having used a 2721 for 6 years now I do like it a lot. Having said that i would not buy one now or recommend one now as Kodak has really cut back on support and development of the product. One can fairly easliy convert a DLS machine to operate as dumb printer from a PC with Noritsu software. But trying to get a Noritsu Printer to become a DLS would probably drive you mad. You would need a server configured to DLS spec with scsi  connections and the serve raid software from IBM and then the DLS software. A lot of the features that made the DLS so great have been copied by the other guys now. There are equivalents of the WIPa and the Archive now and probably most of the new ones can multitask like DLS does but earlier Noritsus's could not. :)

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