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3001 BAD COLOR IN 8x10, 8X12 NOR 8X6


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Last weekend I had to restore Files from an old copy of our 3001, Everything works good but 8x10, 8x12 prints are very low density in negatives (digital works good), in the same paper (8") we print 8x6 and color is good.

I have erased channel and create it again but it still happend...

I check channel correction values but all are in Zero (0)

I note that when scan negative in the PJP screen, little image are dark, but when I Double click it, it scans and the image that show big is not dark as PJP little image...  In other sizes it doesnt happend...

So I have checked correction in film, print channel, but nothing is abnormal....

The thing is:

same paper, same channel, same picture in films is low density but in Digital(after scanned) is good.. so channel is not the problem

same film, in two different sizes of same paper have the same problem... so negative is not the proble,

same fim scanned is good and printed from scanned image in the same print channel is good...

everything else works good

Can someone help me to fix this...  ;)

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It sounds like a problem with the scanner light source data.

There are 5 different resolutions the scanner uses to scan for different sizes.

It seems like the problem is only happening on the largest scan resolution.

Try fitting a new lamp. And go through the new lamp registration procedure.

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