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Major problem with 3202SD


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Bought 3202SD recently (few months back). Quite happy with its throughput and performance.

But one fine morning when started printing the prints appear to be that the  blue laser image( yellow color on print) has not registered properly with the other two laser images, it appears like a ghost image of yellow shades even the daily set up gray steps image also showed the same with blue laser image shifted.

Two sample images are here to illustrate the problem.Does anybody faced with similar problem?Any solution for this? Tech from noritsu says lasers need to replaced, is it so? Machine is in use since 10 months and still in warranty

thank god! what would be if same problem arises after two more months!! :'( :'( :'(

Production stopped since two days on this machine and my old machine 3001 can print only on 4inch and 8 inch papers so 12 inch width orders unable to fulfill.Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the early replies,

Yes, i did exactly what  Dave S ,has suggested on the first time it occurred and things got right ie on friday morning

and i could get the production for whole day with no problems.

Saturday morning same problem ,but to my bad luck things persisted ,could not resolve it ( using switchig off and on)even after trying 3 or 4times at regular intervals of one hour or so.

Then I called Noritsu local office and informed about the problem and with in half an hour or so the technician is at the lab and on seeing the prints he said Laser needs to be replaced ,(though it is on Saturday and the office is supposed to be closed he visited us), Thanks to Noritsu's service and support staff.

And sent a request for replacement on that day itself to the head office, but to my bad luck head office is closed on sat day and Sunday and the message reached on Monday morning only, Tuesday at around 12.00 noon a brand new Laser unit is in lab along with the technician, now it is around 6.30pm the tech has fitted the new laser and adjusting the various parameters ,Don't know when it is going to start the production.

Anyway feeling good for the great support from the Noritsu service staff and this mini lab help forum members

for their early replies and concern.

Thanks again Dave and Neil

KVS Setty

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