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an MLVA problem on the Noritsu QSS 2901


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The problem that I have on the Noritsu 2901 is on the MLVA lamp: the lamp still working (turned on) while I

dont expose any film but if I begin to print the lamp will be turned off and a message is

shown on the screen " the MLVA lamp is off" , then once I undo the exposition of the film

the MLVA lamp will be turned on again.

I tried to change the alimentation bloc of the MLVa but the problem persist.

does anyone have an idea bout this problem??  

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The only thing I can think of is the MLVA lamp power supply is over heating.

The Scanner lamp power supply sits next to the MLVA lamp power supply, I presume when the scanner is not being used the lamp dims down so the power supply produces less heat, compared to when the scanner lamp is on fully during scanning. So maybe the extra heat is enough to cause problems with the MLVA lamp power supply.

Switch off the machine at the main power switch.

Remove the large side panel, (where the network cable plugs in to) at the very bottom are the 2 lamp power supplies, if you remove 2 screws this whole unit will slide out, be careful not to catch the cables on the left hand side if you do slide out the unit. Clean all the cooling fans, and blow all the dust off the power supplies. Also check the larger cooling fans are working, these fans often fail.

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