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red bands on 2901


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I have a 2901 and i have the following problem, if any of you guys experienced something similar pls help:

- i get single red bands over the photos;

- the stripes are about 3cm in width , transparent (something like a watermark), appear on every second or third photo and is about 2 cm from the right end of an   152mm paper roll.

i did the uniformity calibration and things got better but then after 200-300 photos its the same. should i keep doing the uniformity calibration over and over or is something more serious going on. plz help  

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How old is the lamp?

Have you tried deleting papers from the magazine registration screen and then setting them up from scratch in MLVA setup?

Failing that I would try paper registration specification setup in MLVA setup?

New lamp first though.

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ok. i think i got the problem solved. i did few more times the uniformity calibration and now everything seems to be fine. i postponed the reply just in case i had gotten the problem back. thanks god it all went well. anyway,  thank you JP for your advices. i hope someone will find my experience helpful

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