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2901 dip switch settings


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There are 2 versions of the image processing PCB.

1st version J390576-00 dip switch 2 should be on, the rest are off.

2nd version J390632-00 all dip switches should be off.

The description from the manual for the dip switches are:-

Dip switch 1 & 2 is for judging the type of PCB.

Dip switch 3 is unused

Dip switch 4 is for adjustment.

It doesn

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Does the second design board use a piggy back rotation and ice processing PCB?

We have a problem and were wanting to see if the  piggy back board could be by passed. If you look at the first design board it makes you think you can remove the rotation board and plug the SCSI cable in to the main PCB instead.

The problem started as a wouldn't update light source and has progressed to no image scans. The image in the PJP screen is just plain solid gray.

Noritsu has an 8k solution but film isn't that important any more.

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The main difference on the new type PCB is that the memory is on board instead of being plugged in on the older style PCB.

Everything else is pretty much the same.

The rotation PCB (J390806) is normally an option; this can be removed if necessary.

It is probably the digital ICE PCB (J390572) that is faulty though.

Unfortunately I don

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