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System RAM on a 3202

Mr Noritsu

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We recently had our Noritsu tech come in to replace our card reader due to a problem. While he had the covers off, I had a look at the memory in the 3202 machine. There are 4 sticks of 333DDR 512mb RAM fitted into the 4 slots.

Has anyone tried upgrading this RAM?

I am thinking of replacing 2 of the 512's with 1gb and see what happens, but I thought I'd ask first.

I'm not interested in fiddling with CPU specs, but a RAM upgrade would be inexpensive, if it actually does anything.

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I personally don’t think you will notice any difference upgrading the RAM to any more than the 2GB you already have.

If you press ctrl alt del keys and select task manager and then select the performance tab you can check how much memory is actually being used while the machine is operating. If the Available memory figure is low then upgrading the memory will help, if the figure is high it won’t make any difference.

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You can upgrade the hardware with no problem but the Noritsu software is the problem. We tried it on a lab in the Caribbean. The software crashed. The noritsu software seemed to only work on 2G. I feel you have more than enough ram for the machine.

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The motherboard in 3202 is support up to 2Gb of RAM which you already have. but yes you can replace with the higher frequency RAM 444Mhz but this motherboard also doesn't support 667Mhz. so I think you don't need to repalce RAM.


Narinder Kalia

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