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MP 1600 Question


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We are having a problem with our MP-1600.  The following error message keeps stopping production: 6017-04 unit loading error left.  We constantly have to go bak and remake a few pics for each order.  Anyone know what the problem may be?

Thanks in advance for your input!

I work with the person who posted this.  I will add more details:

We had a power surge knocking down our whole store, and Photo Lab, about a month ago.  This error started showing up after that power surge (not sure how many days after).  Our local technician told us to blow compressed air onto the sensor, it should stop any of this from occurring in the future.  He was assuming dust, that is created from cutting the paper, was landing on the sensor and throwing off the readings. I've cleaned it a few times, but it's still occurring too frequently, and it makes me believe there is a deeper issue.  I've worked in the lab for about six months, prior to this error, and can say I've never seen it once.

The error is indeed Unit Vertical Load Error (left), which I presume is the Side B for paper input.

I would also like to thank anyone for their input.

Tim Heckman

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This error means the left vertical arm has not moved up to the top sensor within a certain amount of time, though the arm has moved off the bottom sensor.

Check the arm moves up and down smoothly by hand compared to the right arm, if it all seems ok mechanically the most likely faulty component will be the PM driver that controls the left arm.

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That info may help alot of puzzle pieces fall into place, actually.  If jpwrangling1 doesn't get to it first, I will take a look at the arm(s) tomorrow.

Yet what you have said brings up another question.  If one arm is a bit sluggish, could that cause the pictures to become jammed inside of the machine?  

We are also having issues with paper jams in the printer section, and some in the processing section.  So I am simply curious to whether these problems may have some relation to one another.

I could just possibly be over processing what you have told me.  Although, I have seen the arms, that load the paper, misaligned when opening the printer door to clear a jam inside of there. One could assume they may be related.

Well, Dave S., I would like to thank you for your input so far.  It will help a great help!

Tim Heckman

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It depends if the jamming started at the same time as the arm error message.

Also depends on exactly where the prints are jamming.

I would say that jamming in the paper processor section is from worn gears on the crossovers, and worn bearings on the crossover drive gear on the rack itself.

An easy test to confirm this is to wedge some paper into the processor cover switch located on the right hand side at the back, turn on the drive, then lift each crossover up on the right hand side, if you then hear it clicking you

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Oh man, that's hard to say. And we believe some of the bearings and gears have started to go bad, I understand that.  

One jam I know I've seen is this:

When the paper comes from one of the loading units, it turns sideways when entering Paper Advance Unit 1, thus uniformity coming out crooked.  I've also had them simply fall from the loaders, and lay on the bottom of the machine.  Not really in the way, just sitting there.

Is the left unit loader the arm towards the front, or more towards the back?  The one to the back is the one turning the paper side-ways sometimes.  Then it will just go and randomly stop doing it.

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