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HELP!  My 2102 survived the SM to RA4 conversion, but after troubleshooting a loose connection in the CPU area, comes up with "System 1 ver. E12 (next line) System 2 ver" blank...and hangs.  I assume I lost part of the software by disconnecting the battery, and have no 1A disk (machine came with only 1B) to reload from.  I do have a full backup floppy but don't know how to recover it since the machine won't start up.  This seems to not be covered in the manuals I have.  Or do I need to get the original software disks?

Anyone have a tip on this?

Thanks to all!

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It sounds like the printer 2 PCB is not communicating with the printer 1 PCB.

Unplugging the battery should not cause it to loose it’s program data as it is stored in flash memory.

I would check all the communication leads are fitted correctly (normally grey wires with clear plug) spray them with switch contact cleaner.

The printer 2 PCB is located in left hand side of the stock box.

Also check the printer 1 PCB which is located in the slide out section just above the magazine release handles.

Normally the machine will ask for disk B if it has lost any of it’s program data.

It may be the flash rom is damaged on the printer 2 PCB.

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Thanks Dave!   By communication leads I assume you mean the modular plugs that look like RJ45 or phone.  Cleaned their contacts, managed to get a set of older version disks, reinstalled and am up and running.

Any suggestion for troubleshooting the Robustsyn PM driver modules?  I have a few failed ones but haven't swapped chips because I don't know what to do with the trimpots or dip switches, and have found absolutely no data or schematics online.  Are those all the same on Noritsu machines?  Seems like I've seen them in 2611, 2301, 2211 and the 2102, but I wonder if there are different specs or adjustments.

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Yes that is correct the RJ45 type connectors are the communication leads.

The 4 PM drivers on the 2101/2 are the same, however the dip switch settings are different depending upon what they’re driving, 2 are for the shutter unit, and 2 are used for paper advance.

I don’t know weather the PM drivers from the 2611, 2301, and 2211 are the same as the ones on the 2102 I suspect not.

Probably the 2511, 2611, 2301, 2211 drivers are the same as they all are used to drive the shutter unit which is basically the same unit for these 4 machines.

Normally it is the driver chips that blow, the pots I think adjust the amount of torque on the motor, I wouldn’t have thought it necessary to adjust them after replacing the driver chips.

Just set the dip switches to the same as the one you are replacing assuming the type number of the PM driver is the same.

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