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QSS-3300 Setup comes out red


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Need help quick, my 3300 machine is printing out red and white instead of grey and white during daily setup. I dont run control strips so I wouldn't know if this was a chemical issue. Everything was working fine yesterday, it just started this morning during daily setup. Pictures came up with reddish tint when trying to print out images. anyone have any ideas. Thanks

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I would say looking at that test print the machine is not giving any red exposure.

The most likely cause of the problem is the red AOM driver, this controls the amount of exposure by the laser.

You can try shutting the PC down, and switching the machine off at the breaker switch for 5 minutes, it may clear the problem for a while.

Though most likely you’ll need to have the red AOM driver replaced.

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Unless you are experienced at taking things apart and are ok working with electronic components, from a safety point of view it’s probably best if a tech comes to fit the new AOM driver.

Also the part is quite expensive so if it is not the cause of the problem, you’re stuck with the part as Noritsu will not usually accept electronic parts for return.

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Somehow the daily setup printout is working again when I power off the machine for like 10 minutes. Started printing out good again. But when I changed paper size, the reddish tint started to come back. Printing out on 5 inch glossy paper, tint is happening on the 8 inch matte.  Is this the problem with setting up the print channel. Should I delete the print channel and set it up again? Will try that  if no one has a suggestion of how to proceed. thanks again Dave.

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That’s the problem you generally get when the AOM’s go faulty.

When the AOM has cooled down (after switching off the machine for 10 mins) it starts working correctly, but as it starts to warm up the problem re-appears again.

If you re-print the daily setup print, you will probably find that is has started to go red again. Meaning all the other papers will also be red.

You can try doing the daily setup several times to see if it will get to a point where it stays in balance, but what tends to happen is it will just swing from red to cyan.

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