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change storage device on qss 2612 noritsu


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Many times I get errors in use of floppy disk

Such as( can not read or can not format and also the limitation to save data on floppy) now is it possible to use another way to saving and reading data on qss 2612 noritsu in other words is that possible to change storage devices on this machine

Any responses is highly appreciated  

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Unfortunately on the 2611/12 your only means of reading and writing data is via a floppy disk. Though at least on a 2611/12 the floppy drive is a standard PC one, so can be easily replaced if it is the drive causing the problems.

Floppy disks are hopelessly unreliable these days even on the latest digital machines Noritsu still insist the backup data is made to floppy disks, which is totally ridiculous.

Japan has always been at the forefront of technology, so it is a real mystery why Noritsu are so backward when it comes to basic PC technology.

My advice is after you have made a backup to a floppy disk immediately copy the contents of the disk onto another computer hard drive, USB memory etc, so that the data remains safe.

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