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vfp4 qss2611


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having the coloremetric base of "VFP 4" saturated and wanting

to remake initial a setup VFP for the machine

noritsu model:qss-2611

having lost the diskette

F000418-01 for paper Kodak or Konica


F000418-02 for Fuji paper


I am disarmed please help me.

                                             thank you

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1-how to make disparaitre the lines (or features) which appear on the tests of the "VFP4" or on the photographs?

2-how to make to remove the blur of the VFP4 to obtain photographs clearer?

                                                                                 thank you

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I kindly request to you to indicate to me:

How to change the name of the company being in the index of the

machine qss2611?

                                                                   Thank you

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Create an image in Photoshop that is 164 pixels high and 494 pixels wide, insert your logo text etc into this image, flatten any layers, press CTRL  i to invert the image. Now select save as LOGOV001.dat  in raw format, header 0, click Non

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good morning :

How to perform the lower cleaning of the face in the face known underneath about objective zoom lens for qss on 2611? The East afterwards to make Shift - 9 is to open the door - objective, then to hold objective zoom lens By handle and to push it back. how to clean zoom lens of on face inferior? THANK YOU

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