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Green Tint on QSS3001


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:(We've developed an intermittent green tint to our prints. Sometimes it is for full runs, sometimes for only 1 print in a run and amazingly the change can happen half way through a print with the change being in the same direction as the lazer track. Noritsu have told me over the phone that a part is beginning to fail & needs replacing. The part is an AOM & costs £1500.00 & 2 hours to fit, he said that it controls the amount of light that the lazer uses!

Does anyone have any similar experiences & what was your solution. It seem odd that an engineer hasn't even seen the printer yet!

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The most likely cause of the problem is indeed a faulty AOM, in this case the green one.

AOM failure is quite common, hence the reason why your fault has been diagnosed over the phone without an engineer even looking at the printer.

It’s an easy 10 minute job to fit the part, then just need to do a weekly setup afterwards.

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the problem may be due to fault AOM or the faulty laser driver pcb.There are 3 Aom and you can easily swap the AOM and find out the result.

In case of driver pcb ,there is two driver pcb mounted on the laser unit.you can interchange this pcb,s also

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