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In my opinion, what i have seen and heard on this forum they say about 3 to 4 years but it all depends how much one exposes.

I think that the laser on such machine should last at least double the amount that you have stated for (in my opinion) with the cost of print sales it would be impossible to get the money back for lasers are expensive parts ... but you will get a postive answer for it is unbeleivable how this site is followed by sincere expert advice.Please note this is my opinion.

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The problem with the laser unit, is there is no guarantee how long it will last. It could go in the first year, or last several years. This is the main worry for any lab owner, and how the manufactures get the money from you for a maintenance contract.

Its a bit like a car, and the engine, a decent car supplier will give x amount of miles/years on its engine... Sadly in the world of mini-labs you only ever get a pretty basic warranty. I bet Skoda do a decent warranty ;)

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