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dls or noritsu software


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You may want to check out how much longer DLS will be supported by Kodak for. I've heard that the DLS development team may not be around anymore, and support is limited. Happy to be proven wrong on this as I know its a great system. Here in Australia, its simply not offered as an option on any Noritsu machines

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Thanks , the thing is that I had been offered  a 32 version in dls version for a good price and i have seen noritsu version which suits me fine but i never seen the dls version

thanks for you prompt response, presumbly being software the worst thing to happen is then to reload the printer with a noritsu software ....ofcourse at a price

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It depends on what you want to do. Some say the Noritsu software is faster to make a print. But I do nothing but package work at that ain't just a print. LOL (more like a 4 or 500 a a time) And would shoot myself if i didn't have DLS software to make my packages and recall the 8x10 print order to make the 11x14 with out recalculating the lot again. This is LOTS faster than Noritsu software. IMO And yes I have run both.

If you have never seen DLS run. Here would be some highlights. I can load a set of files. Say 20 files from a Canon 20D camera. I spec them to print a page of wallets, a unit of 5x7s' (2up on a 7x10) and and 8x10 all at the same time. After it prints...... Ohps I needed 2 sets of wallets so I just recall from the wip and reset the number of prints/sizes and send them back through. All of this only required one rendering of the file. (this is the time consumer) But I made 4 different pages. Three at the same time and the forth as a fix/redo.

Last time I saw Noritsu software.... You would calculate 4 different times to do the job above. :(

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