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QSS2301 Software ??


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Unless your 2301 is a CRT model, you can't do any digital work on a 2301.

You either need the expensive and unreliable CRT unit, the very expensive and slow HRCRT unit, or one of the digital neg carriers which are springing up everywhere, such as D Carrier, E Carrier, G Carrier etc.

But with out any of these options, you cannot print digital files on a 2301

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If anyone has the floppy disks that came with the HRCRT.  I would love to buy a copy from someone.  My system went down and had to reinstall NT 4.0 and I may need to reinstall the software.  As you may know Sierra (maker of the software is OOB  Out Of BIZ.

anyones help would be much appreciated.  Please e-mail me if you can help.    :)





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