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3501 experiences?


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We had a 3502 for about 5 months and ended up sending it back to Noritsu and getting a 3202 for a considerable sum extra. Granted we had one of the first 3502 machines delivered, but we seemed to become the "development machine" for everyone else. We had major and minor mods fitted, circuit boards replaced or reprogrammed and techs here at all times in the day trying to solve its various problems. In its final 3 weeks of operation it was almost normal, and it was great, but we had totally lost confidence in the machine and the model, hence the move to a 3202. I know of one which has since been installed near me, and he has had no problems, and I spoke to a tech today (coincidentally) about another new machine which is running well.

Maybe we were just the unlucky ones, but see what other feedback you get from others.

When it worked it was great, and it was fast! When it didn't work it was a PITA!

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I looked back and saw some of your other posts concerning your 3502. I'm hoping that maybe they've got it figured out by now!

I've also looked at the 3202, but it may be more machine then we need. We're a small lab with a portrait studio. Although we used to do tons of film, I jumped into digital late and it's never really taken off. The only reason I can justify buying a new digital lab is the Konica QD-21 trade in program. I'm buying a used QD-21 for $8,500 (U.S.) and Noritsu will give me $43,000 trade in for it!

The 12" capabilities are intriguing though. It would be great for our studio, and since none of the other labs in town can do larger than 10x15, I might be able to pick up some extra work.

How big are the working tanks on your 3202?

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