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Nortisu 3011 Laser failure probability....


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I currently have a Nortisu 2612 with a D-Carrier. We've limped along with this set up for awhile, but I now have the chance to buy a used 3011 from Noritsu at a pretty good price. I'm wondering how concerned I should be about the laser failing on this machine.

I realize that anything is possible on a used machine, but is it more likely to fail or not?

I have a friend who has a 3011 and he has chosen to go without a service contract. His feeling is that since replacement is now about $7,000 with exchange, he's willing to take the risk. I also have another friend who's still using one of the original Fuji Frontiers. They've cranked a ton of work out of this machine, and the lasers keep chugging along.

So, is laser failure inevitable or just a sales ploy for service contracts?

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