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MP1600 or 2701 experience, anyone?


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Henry here, new member (from Texas, go ahead...I've heard it all.) I'm a former Noritsu tech looking for someone experienced on Noritsu's MP1600, also known as a 2701. Anybody?

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I'm looking for help with the uniformity correction software (Windows NT)that runs on the " Edit Image" (AKA  EZ Mall) -equipped PC in a Noritsu MP1600 standalone system. I think it's the same Noritsu app, even in a 2711/21 DLS setup.

    We do MLVA setup, and after the MLVA calibrator finishes, the printer spits out a gamma print to correct the color and the uniformity is fine. Then the system finishes MLVA setup with further uniformity corrections (using test prints read on the flatbed scanner and analyzed by this software I'm asking about in this post) and the darker strips on the gamma print have poor uniformity.

    It could be the scanner, but I'd like to know more about this correction program, called "Uniscan" "uniformity correction software for Windows NT" "Exefile version H002C  Inifile version Hoo2C" It supervises the printer as it prints the uniformity test prints, then runs the scanner as it reads the prints, then analyzes the data and applies the corrections and feeds them to the printer for product with fewer lines in them.


    What are Uniformity LUT files, and Paper Gamma LUT files and why does this program give the user the option to open various copies?

    On Uniformity setup--calculation pattern menu, it gives you the chioce of ten different correction strategies to correct uniformity (if I've got this right) (R, 1/2R, =, 1/2R non limit, auto...etc)

    Pic_save.dat can be shown graphically (it's in the file menu) as sort of an RGB clothesline plot, how do you interpret it?  

    Normally, you don't even interact with this app, you do all this from the printer's screen, but I think there's options here Noritsu doesn't call attention to, since it's supposed to be automated.

          Thanks, Henry

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Hi.  Sorry it took me a little bit of time to respond.

Firstly, the current version is H003C.

Secondly, to get a good uniformity ... do the following steps:

1) Clean off all the dust from the heat absorbing glass

2) Take a lint free cloth (what they call a HITEC cloth) and wipe in one direction the MLVA exposure

head (to do this you must invoke the MLVA cleaning option from the menu and then select yes for

"clean guide unit".  Then open the door and clean the MLVA head.

3) Set the option in the uniformity software to "REVISE MORE (#9) as opposed to AUTO"

4) Do the daily setup (uniformity).  If the unit responds with "NO" then that's ok .. do it again.

If the unit responds with "GOOD" then either it's really good (probably not in this case) or the

scanner is unable to interpret the paper properly.  Check that in UNIFORMITY SETUP / SCANNER

INFORMATION that the enable correction for brightness is set to -10, and make sure your scanner

glass is clean clean clean. (We take the cover off the scanner and clean the underside of the

glass every month or so).  You might also want to recaliabrate the scanner with the

SCANWIZARD calibration program and a Kodak Q60 output target.

Noritsu says that you should use the largest size GLOSSY for uniformity.

5) After you have done the uniformity on "REVISE MORE"  the second time, and the gray patches are

improved, set the uniformity software back to "AUTO (#8). and do this one or two more times.

6) What they don't tell you is that as the lamp becomes weaker and weaker, the uniformity setup is more and more difficult to do.

We have 3 different types of paper (Konica / Mitsubishi / Kodak) so we do the uniformity 3 times a day.

By the way, DO YOU KNOW how to get the 1600 to use the service disk? (ie what is the key sequence)?



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Thanks, Mike...sounds like good advice. did your system come with H003C or did you upgrade? If so, what are the advantages of 003 over 002?

    RE: the service mode, from the main screen at the MP, you press the +/- button and the UP button together, and you should get a screen with _ _ _ _ on it.  Then punch 2260 and punch YES

if you're quick enough, you should get the main screen back in a moment (After the disk gets inspected) but with an S in the upper right corner.   Thanks for your help...Henry

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Our system is about 18 months old. I think we missed this one.

You could argue that since everything's networked, it may not matter, but I think anybody who surfs the net on the printer's computer is crazy, naive, or not busy enough. Does Noritsu still officially discourage antivirus software on their systems?

    Why the convert from DLS?   Let me guess...victim of a 2.0 to 3.0 upgrade?

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That was a good guess but the correct answer is that we developed our own job control / image processing applications that take full control of the lab.

With a 6" and 12" magazine installed, the machine will make fill any order (of course 5x7s require a paper trim as well as  8x10s).  

I have a Norton Corp. Antivirus on my MP1600 controller as well as a hardware firewall.  The antivirus software 'scans' all the files and does slow things down a bit but since my controller is a

dual Xeon 2.4 with oodles of ram, it works fine.

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Whoa.  developing your own apps is over my head. Is that like the programs that assemble and manage the print packages for wedding/sports photographers? Express Digital is the only one I know, and it works via the Hotfolder on EZ Mall.   Henry

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I bet that you have your magazine registrations all mixed up. Make sure that the magzine paper type is what is set for the uniformity calibration. AND... take apart the scanner, clean the top and bottom of the scanner glass.

I have a feeling that it's the paper type setting, if it is, you will probally be spending half the day doing uniformity :-)


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