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Need to do emulsions on all paper every 2 days?


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Over the last several months, we've been having to run emulsions on all paper sizes and finishes every couple of days to keep the print color inline.

Control strips come out okay, so it shouldn't be the chemicals... Prints are either coming out very teal or a slight green cast to them. Sometimes we have to run emulsions 3 times on a paper type to get the color back where it belongs. Within a couple days, it needs to be done again. The 5" and 12" paper seem to be the most problematic and go easily out of line... the 4" paper can go about 5 days before needing an emulsion. Paper has not been stored differently than in the past and the paper hasn't been sitting around for very long.

What would cause this and how would we get it fixed? What should we tell Noritsu to come check? We're using the 3101 with main software G002 and profile data 7.01.

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Can you see the actual balance memo values on that machine? (That will show my age)  :o If you can, check and see if any are maxed out. Like wasn't it +500 to -500. I remember having a balance issue that was caused by a maxed out paper balance value.

My 2301 and my mp-1600 have all kinds of magazine balance float. Are you sure that this hasn't been going on to some degree all along?

I was told to NOT calibrate the onboard densitometer for every read. Only balance it once for the function. Seems they think the densitometer might have a 2 or 3 % error and calibrating it to much will introduce more harm than good over a small time span. Like 2 or 3 hours. Did you notice the setup procedure that Noritsu did when they installed it? My guy only read the plaque once for the whole setup.

Also think about what the correction is before you yes it in. If it's zero or close DO NOT PUSH YES. The machine WILL calculate and produce a figure even for zero. (Who the heck dreamed that up?) And then it will correct for something that didn't exist. And now your paper mags aren't balanced. (don't ask me how I know) :o

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