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Disable DSA corrections


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My local lab has a QSS3411. Service is good, prints are good, but they dont know how to disable the DSA adjustments on my prints. I get all of my pictures back with AC-01 and AS+03 on all of the prints regardless of the media or file type. Understandably the lab doesnt train all of the employees to be experts in the setup of the machine as most of the business is consumer snapshots. They know how to adjust the cmyk adjustments, even when I dont want them to, but not how to diable the media corrections. What should I tell the operators to do in order to get direct prints?

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When opening any digital files, un-tick the digital image auto correction/s.

When printing images, press the DSA button,

Set Contrast (AC) to 0

Set Sharpness (AS) to 0

Set Chroma to 100

Press yes key to accept.

Now press F key, and select (+1) DSA copy, this will copy the above corrections to all of the rest of the pictures in that order.

Hope that helps.

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The lab says there is no digital image auto corrections box to uncheck as they use a self serve media reader to enter the orders then scan the barcode from the printed slip to enter the order. They can reset the DSA values from the PJP screen. Is this enough to stop auto corrections or should I try another method?

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