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Paper balance or lack of


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Sometimes this can happen because of the emulsion test prints are being done when what was actually needed to be done was the daily setup.

For example:-

You do a daily setup in the morning, later on in the day you print 5” matt and find it is coming out magenta, so do the emulsion test to bring it back to grey.

However what you may have found was the daily setup print would also have been magenta, so doing a daily setup instead would have corrected both papers at the same time.

In the next morning you do the daily setup, and then find later in the day find the 5”matt is now coming out green this is due to the emulsion test that was done previously!

What you need to do is do a daily setup, then directly afterwards do a couple of emulsion test prints for the different papers, then do the daily setup again just in case it has changed, do more emulsion tests, repeat until all the papers are balanced.

It’s also best not to do the daily setup first thing in the morning, as the machine will normally be cold, as it warms up the balance can change causing the problem.

Probably best to do a least 2 daily setups a day 1 mid morning and 1 mid afternoon.

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What is happening is.........

Do a morning setup and then balance all the mags with emulsion balance. Now 11 inch prints match 10 inch prints. Now run the machine a few days. Doing morning set up at least once per day. After about 3 or 4 days........the 11 inch work doesn't match the 10 inch work.

I would never run an emulsion balance with out having done morning set up first. I understand chasing your tail round a circle is no fun.

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Maybe because the paper you do the morning setup on (6”?) has run out several times during the course of 3 days, therefore each new roll has a slightly different balance to the previous roll, so in theory you should do an emulsion change on the new roll not a daily setup.

I’m guessing the 11” roll will still be the same paper after 3 days.

Only a thought!

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