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Paper Kodak Endura series


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Sorry, it may by offtop. but:

I live in Ukraine (exUSSR). Long time I buy Kodak Endura paper in a official department Kodak in Ukraine. After closing Kodak department in our contry I have many problem. I don`t know where buy Endura series paper. Absolutly all suplay manager in Ukraine told me: "Eastment Kodak is phase out productinos. And  Endura series paper don't produce"

I have 4 Noritsu minilab`s. All working in a Endura paper. And better paper I don`t see (in my experience). Paper ProFoto series - so poor.

I planing change Endura paper for a FujiFilm. But I don`t know another series FujiFilm paper, except "Cristal Archive paper". Help me.  Did more quality paper in FujiFilm ever exist? And whoo answer: "produced or not produced (to be, or not to be) Eastment Kodak paper Endura series (roll 127, 152,203 and 305mm)"???

P.S.: I use Noritsu 2901 machines with old software versions. This versions exept any Fuji paper in a "type paper". Instalations later software version impossible: later version not correctly working with MLVA Head (ony laser exposure).

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Whoever told you endura is being phased out is totally WRONG. I've checkedwith kodak in australia and have been advised there are NO plans to drop this product, after all, it is a professional labs life blood.

I suspect someone is telling you this story to justify their inability to carry stock of the product.

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