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HELP QSS 3311 Slide scanning AF error

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Hi All,

We are having a very frustrating problem with our Noritsu 3311 and the 35mm slide carrier. When we try to scan 35mm slides we inconsistently get an Auto Focus error. This could happen 6 times when scanning 10 slides or we could scan 50 slides with no error only for the error to return again and again. Noritsu's solution is to clean the mirrors in the carrier itself. It's ridiculous to clean the mirrors 6 times for 10 slides. We had a tech up to check it out while it was under warranty and guess what? IT WORKED FINE!!! only to screw up after they left. They then blamed it on thickness of the mounts, glass mounts, the type of mount, I'm sure the next excuse is were the stars and moon lined up properly? We have scanned slides that look like a dog ate them and had no problem. Any ideas or has anyone else experienced the same problem.

Our warranty has since run out and as you know Noritsu will be more than willing to help us out  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Any comments would be appreciated.



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The MMC mask has always been troublesome!

I think the problem is caused by the filament in the lamp that shines on the slide for focus detection. As the lamp heats up the filament position changes slightly, and this causes the problem.

Also if the mask is handled roughly the filament/ lamp will move, again causing the same problem.

About all you can do is check the lamp is shining in the centre of the slide, if not adjust lamp position until it is. One caution though doing this can sometimes make the focus position change, meaning the mask would need to be re-calibrated with the special focus chart to achieve good focus again.

Sometimes moving the AF motor up and down in output check can help.

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When I was using a 3001 we had the same problem, it was like that from new and was never able to be fixed. Would always get intermittent focus errors on the MMC. We ended up getting a seperate scanner just for scanning slides, it was faster, and a fraction of the cost of the MMC.

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The MMC carrier works very well but may need some adjustments.

1st of all it will not auto focus on any glass mounted slide, if it does it will not be sharp. If the dog has chewed it it will not sit flat so again it may not be sharp. The 33 MMC has a glass element on the underside ensure it has not dropped off, the 3001 does not.

The light and mirror system works like a W, the light on the left is reflected off the mirror then off to the underside of the slide and then down to the mirror on the right up to a receiver. The height of the bit that holds the slide moves up or down so the film is in the correct position for a sharp image.

It all comes down to the starting point (height) of the  slide. It has to be able to move up or down for mounts of different thickness. Next time your Tech is with you ask him, has he got the height adjustment jig and the Steel focus chart, it should take about 45 min to adjust and focus, reg the light source, if this is don they work very well

Dave S is correct about taking care of your masks they are prone to been bashed about dropped etc. nothing works well in that case.

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