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KIS 1530/1550-QSS 3001SM


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Hi Guys.

I saw on the PMA on orlando-year 2005 that kis is much better than FUJI Frontier (i don't know exact wich model), and on category 8" is even better than Noritsu QSS 3501. How come these machines are cheaper than QSS and Frontier then?And are they really that good? nd on brochures i see more options than on fuji and noritsu machines.

And what about SM chemistry on 3001 Sm? Does it worths taking an 3001 SM? Or is it better to transform it into RA-4?

Best regards,


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I take it that option 1 on your poll is for the kis m/c ?

Ok, I'm biased as I own a kis 1550.

But they are good. I carried out my own 'blind' tests, DKS v D-lab2 v frontier.

The DKS was the clear winner in my opinion and those of others who compared the results.

The DKS uses an lcd to expose the paper rather than lasers ( so 20th century  ;D) and as such the dks print head is guaranteed for life. Also, and I cannot explain this, the bigger the print the greater the resolution, unlike lasers. That's why large prints from the dks look so much better than anything else.

Buy one  ;)  

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I know Dave and normally I would agree, but it was explained to me in detail by a photo-me engineer and at the time I understood it- but that was some time ago  ::)

Apparently the quality does get better with an increase in size ( up to a point I imagine) I suspect it could be due to more of the lcd being used. But I could be wrong  ;D

In any event a picture is worth a thousand words and that is all that matters- the quality is truly outstanding.

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Tony T.- thank you for the reply and Dave thank you too.

But i live in south east of europe- contry name Macedonia and here is no service about KIS machines. The only thing i am afraid is the support that i might not get.

So mayby you understand my position and i am thinking of taking a Frontier 330.

What do you think???

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