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2711 DLS / MP1600 issue


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Hello All,

I have a recurent error on my MP 1600 :

9016-01 MLVA radiation of light error.

In the service manual, it says : "The amount of radiation of the exposure head is extraordinarily small or large, or the print is out of focus".

Practically, this occurs only when trying to do the uniformity setting on the 305mm (12") channel. The other cahnnels (152mm-6" and 89mm-5") are correctly set up and present no issue.

The test print has a wide much darker band on it (the one with the "gray" scale, that has numbers on it (1 to 25).

After three successive readings of those test prints, the MLVA calibrator starts measuring, and after approximately a third of the distance, it stops and shows this error.

The service manual says to clean the calibrator sensors. We have done that. Still the same problem. The other solutions refer to several parts to replace, from the sensors up to the Image processing PCB, which probably costs like half the machine itself.

I find it strange that everything is OK, except for only a part of the picture width (like 1/3 of is width).

I was thinking to clear the uniformity memory, but :

1. I don't want to risk messing with the 2 other channels, since :

2. My backup disquettes cannot be read by the machine.

Any ideas and suggestions welcome.

Now, another problem : the HDD on the MP1600 seems to be aging. I am very afraid that if it fails, I have no solution : I have no installation disk whatsoever for this, and I never messed with that PC, I have no idea what it has got inside. Any ideas how I can create a backup HDD, so that if this one fails, I can just mount a new -already loaded with the necessary software- HDD and start working again ?

Many thanks for any comment you guys might have.

Best Regards


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Dave S,

Tanks for your comments. I did an image of both disks , thinking one might be tired. After setting up new disks, the problem was the same again : the calibrator cannot achieve its task. I managed to copy the data (uniformity and exposure data) from the 6" (152 mm) paper channel. Then, the prints on 12" look perfect. But when I tried again the calibration procedure, it failed again. In other words, there seems to be a issue left somewhere, and I am afraid when the uniformity goes bad again, I will not be able to set it correctly due to the calibrator's not working.

Any other suggestion ?

Also, why are there two disks on this machine ? And why is one of them a flash drive ? Could it not work on a single disk, with two partitions ?


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Have you tried initialising the

1. Uniformity LUT

2. Paper Gamma LUT

3. Exposure Data

Then reloading the MLVA initial data disks and the performing a MLVA initial setup.

You can also try doing the Load voltage setup.

Back up all the machine data before attempting any of the above.

Other possibility is the calibrator or cable going to the calibrator or pre amp PCB

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Thanks Fruitloop, I sent you an e-mail.

Dave, we actually copied the Uniformity LUT data and the Exposure data from one "healthy" paper channel to the "sick" one. Now the machine works fine, but still impossible to perform the calibration. Actually, we still don't know if the calibration procedure would work on the other channels, because we haven't tried it. We did not try it because we cannot read floppy neither can we save datas to floppy. We tried replacing the floppy drive, and the printer still gives error message as "Cannot save data to floppy" or "Reading data from floppy failed". Our only luck is we have the HDD's image saved, but it is not so easy to put back (need to take apart half the machine to access the HDD's)

What is Load voltage setup ? Did not hear about that one... Of course, as the service manual says, could be a faulty PCB, but we want to eliminate any other source of problem before going out and spend some bucks on the *!@*}"_| PCB's.



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Yeah the hard drives are not in the easiest place to get to, but what is on the MP1600!!

The load voltage setup measures the light intensity from the MLVA head using the calibrator and adjusts the voltage of each pixel to the required level.

Enter the service mode, go to extension, setup, load voltage setup, press yes to start the measurement.

If it completes successfully you

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Hi Guys..I am interested in purchasing an MP-1600 and i would like to hear some references about this machine-from some of you that already own this kind of minilab? What about the quality? Does it has much problems? And are they practical and qualitative as Noritsu QSS 2901??? Please reply here or on the other post about this issue??

Best regards,


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