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v50 service/clean/re-commission


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I know most of you are now  not realy bothering with film, and I could probably have spent my money better elsewhere, but my old Hope was ruining more films than it was developing well.

So, I have found myself a 1996 model v50 to replace it. It has been stored for a couple of years, and I suspect not cleaned thouroughly before. I notice it has a flopy drive, but I have no disks. Do I need software to re-boot it? Is there an operations manual in circulation for it ?

The machine seems in good order, with no obvious wear. Is there any particular area I should look at for wear?

After cleaning, can I fill with water and turn on , to check level sensors/temp sensors etc. ?

If anyone is interested in helping an idiot with a new toy................ ;D ;D

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Excellent, once the sparky's been, I'll post back.

Stripped the thing down over the weekend (and sorted an open sensor fault on the siennna), Grief! how can people work with machines in this state ? Anyway, checked the chasis, a little bit of corrosion, but nothing to bad. No cut wires or hoses (must be a first), and everything seems ok. Does this use a Cartride system for 120's? I will give Noritsu a ring monday, the wife will get the de-fibrilator ready.........

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Thanks for that Neil, I noticed I posted this as a 1996 model, is infact 2003, but will still check heaters.

Well, everything seems to work, put some gash film through, no marks. absolutely wonderfull. all the level sensors ,alarms, heaters and thermostats seem good.

Just waiting for all the tanks to drain, then I'lll load it up with a few drops of the good stuff.

Running through the menu's, I noticed there were two setting for rep.ing, one manual and one software. Does that mean there is a default rep. rate ? or was I just reading it wrong (probably).

I was going to run it with Fuji chemistry, I presume the software is for different rep. rates for different chemicals ?

Any how, I'm not going to play 'till I have the software,, 'cos I've done that before, and it's more than a little embarrasing...................

  Anyone got a backup copy of the master software going spare?

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Condensation in the loading box is caused the processor extraction fan either not working, or it being totally clogged up with dust.

The fan is located inside the dryer chamber on the right hand side in a black plastic cowling. You will need to remove the dryer rack to get at it.

The manual rep setting is to manually rep for 1 roll of film, basically a top up of fresh chemistry.

The rep rates are pretty standard across different chemical manufacturers for C41 RA, there will only be slight changes from the default settings. The default is C41 RA which is for Kodak chemistry.

If you need to change, change the basic replensher rep rate, and not the pour rate.

The pour rate is to tell the machine (calibrate) exactly what each pump is actually pumping out per pump cycle. Its normal setting is around 60 for a V30/V50.

You shouldn

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Oh, thats brill then!

And yes, that fan was nicely clogged, and all the filters. It mystifies me how people can spend thousands of pounds on a maachine like this, and not service it.

          Yes, my wife tells me I am Analy retentive. But that is what comes of an engineering background.

So if standard rep.  rate is about 60 , for low usage, to keep the chemicals in line, put it up to 65/70?  I am using Fuji chemistry, which has been prety good in the Hope, but that had biggger tanks, and I rep'd a lot......I mean a lot!

I've put it to bed now, as I've finished all my d&p for today, I'll have another play around next time its running.

I would still like the software as a backup, just in case. Can anyone oblige?

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