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uni colour c carrier and 2301


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I purchased a used noritsu 2301 a few months back with a digital carrier. I have yet to get the digital part up and running, not for lack of trying. So now although my equipment costs are higher, I am still outlabbing my digital work making my overhead unbearable. The manuals that accompanied the digital piece make absolutely no sense to us ... anyone else have problems getting the uni-colour-

c-carrier pro model and noritsu 2301 to have a happy marriage? Any info provided would be very VERY helpful!

Thanks :'(

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Hi, i have c-carrier pro model married with Fuji SFA 238. In the beggining i had a lot of problems such as making the conneting the unit with the lab. I solved that easely by conecting the cables as the manual says. Than one week i had problem with printing the 1st photo. I solved this problem in the machine. I think that the 2301 has some button that sends you to a menu that makes the waiting time for printing longer.Then i had dificulties with the uniformity but i receieved help and solved it too.I think for more help you should contact  xusheng@263.net   ...

He is the designer of the carrier and when no one could help me he made it all heppen.

best regards,


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