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Repl Pump Error Noritsu 2611


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I'm getting Repl Pump Error on the BF-A pump (5704-02). When I check the pump operation in repl pump amount setting it seems to be operating normally.

Does this mean the pump is on it's way out? What sets off this error?

The P2 pack was empty when this error started but seems to be continuing after replacing with a new pack.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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All the SM rep pumps have a rotation sensor on them that checks the pump is turning. Have you checked the water pump for the BF is working ok?

If all the pumps are working, it may be down to bad connections, unplug and spray contact cleaner on them and re-fit all the connectors in that area.

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The pumps are located at the back behind the chemical packs, there are 2 screws to remove the tray that the pumps are mounted on.

The pumps are clipped on to the tray, push the front clip down with a flat bladed screwdriver, then push the pump backwards, it should now release from the tray, the red cover on the pump comes off by pulling it out on the sides at the bottom, then lifting the cover up, there should be a connector plug there somewhere.

Hope that helps.

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