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intermittant Fault , QSS2611


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Anyone familliar with an intermitant fault with the paper transport of this machine ?

I recently moved the machine at the same time as its anual service , very carefully, no bumps , lurches, or crashes. It was cleaned , levelled (across the tanks, across the exposure deck, and corner to corner - although the chasis is quite sturdy enough for the weight of the machine, you can't be to carefull !) and re-commissioned. Had a few hours of angst when the transport system seemed to be 'out of sync'. The cut paper would arrive at the end off the exposure deck and be presented to the fork , which seemed to move too quickly , and wrap the paper around itself or mis-align it so that it could not be taken by the transpot rollers.

I changed paper size to 5", which gave me 2 out off 3 successfull transfers, Changed to 8" paper, which gave me 100%. Changed back to 4", no problems, 100% transfer.

     Every now and then, over the last couple of months, usually right in the middle of a print run, I would get a failure. Realy annoying, as film is ejected and you lose where you are.

  Monday morning it wouldn't even pick up paper for daily setup. Nor would it Tuesday. 2 days production gone. Now nearly bald.

This morning, she woke up, performed faultlessly all day. I put a roll and a half of paper through without a single hicup. Not a single 4x6 wasted.

Now, my hair will grow back, the wife thinks with proper therapy my sanity may do the same, but has anyone come across this fault, and if so, what is the cause/ solution ? anyone?

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Hi Photographis,

The phrase "intermitent fault" gives me shudders, I hate such faults.

I don't think moving the machine should have caused any problems, the 2611 is pretty hardy.

Are you saying the paper jams in the reversal (advance) unit, or when it is taken up in the transport rollers of the processor? I had some problems with occasional jams in the advance uint on my 2611, but it was only on one particular 8" paper, which turned out to have too much "curl". No problems with new paper. The take up arms position can be adjusted in the service mode if necessary.

I also had paper occasionally  jamming in the first crossover (from dev to bl) which was caused by swollen rollers. I bought a second 2611 for the same price that Noritsu wanted for a set of these rollers  ;D, & replaced them, problem solved.

Not sure if this is any help.

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Hi Colopt, your comments did confirm (rightly or wrongly) my suspicions that a paper join on the last roll of 4" paper may have been the culprit, i.e. it only didn't realy want to play after the join came through. As I said in my posting, it 'ate' a roll and a half yesterday with no problems, and today seems like the same. It may be usefull to know how to adjust the takeup arms though (which is where the problem seemed to be), so how does one get into service mode, and is the menu self explanitary ?

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Try cleaning the rollers for the reverse arms.

Also when the arm goes to the top, there is stainless steel bracket that the arm should slot into, sometimes the position of this bracket is slightly out and can cause the arm to catch or rub on it, which can be enough to cause the position of the arm to be wrong when it returns back down to pick up the next piece of paper.

Also check the unit is fixed in place with the screw or thumb screw tightened, as it can move around if not.

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ahah, Thanks Dave S, when I gave this machine its six month service (which seems to have been a couple of years overdue) I was quit alarmed at the no. of fixing screws that were missing or replaced with inapropriate items (rolled up paper ????) this unit was amongst them. it is now fixed securely. There do not seem to be any clashes, it was one of my concerns when I replaced the fixing screw, and with the resultant problems I camped at the service hatch with magnetic switch disabled and watched many cycles.

  The fixing screw does bite on a slotted hole , which suggests there is 'adjustment' in the location of the carriage, but the manual says nothing of this (not that I could find) and playing with the position did little to help the problem.

  As it is now working, I shall leave well alone , hopefully the problem will only re-surface the next time I get a roll of joined paper ??) >:(

Thanks for your input, much appreciated,


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Ha ! Damned service disk. I think its a myth.

But , yes, it does seem to have sorted itself out. I think changing paper sizes helps , as it has to alter the timing/patern of the pickup, so puts it back into sync.

Probably completely wrong, but seems logical.

Thanks to all for contributions, if it happens again I think I will just have to go and see the bank (spit, spit, uraghhhh-- nasty taste)

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