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Colour Tweaking Noritsu 3001


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When we had our 3001, we ran with the chroma on 88 for all color neg work. It was the only way to get rid of red faces, and when we got films with no faces, we kicked it up to 100.

Now that we have the 3502, red faces are a thing of the past, and I never thought I'd say that!!!!!

We constantly run with a chroma of 100, and the skin tones are far better. And before you ask, NO, you cannot run the 3502 software on a 3001!

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Yes it called the scanner graduation correction switch, it is in menu, extension, setup, scanner setup, parameters.

There is a choice of mild, natural, or hard.

Natural is supposed to be similar to an optical machine output.

Mild gives you slightly more contrast and saturation.

Hard gives you strong contrast and saturation.

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