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120 and slide carrier on 3502

Mr Noritsu

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Does anyone know how to setup the 120 carrier and MMC-II carrier on a 32/33/35 series machine?

We have just installed a 3502 (10 days ago), and we have had a few dramas. :X It culminated yesterday in a total system restore on the machine, which I thought had fixed us up. Unfortunately the 120 carrier and slide carrier did not get re-installed after the system rebuild, and I urgently need to get them going to get some outstanding work done.

My problem is thet when I go to the "function and option registration" screen, neither of the 2 carriers are listed, so I cannot simply check the box next to them to install them.

I know I will have a tech in tomorrow who will fix it, but if I can get an answer during our night time, I can go in early in the morning and get things sorted out.

I know all the focus settings have been transfered from the service data restore, so I won't have to do anything other than tell the stupid machine that they are there!

Any help would be very greatly appreciated

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