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VFP for 2611


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I would be interested to know as well, I'm igrunt to.

and what do you need and how much does it cost to change the 2611 to digital ?

If you speak to the dealers (as I have) they just tell you to skip it and buy one of their nice shiny new machines.

There's nothing wrong with my machine!! ok, it's a little slow, won't do 5000 prints an hour, but thats nearly a months work for me!

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hello I ask you how regler the vfp 4 it ya of blurs not of netteyer

is I made Installation of VFP, Balance paper of VFP ets I chose the type of paper 102

and I made loperation of VFP 18 installed will print Y,M,Copies of C and D is to read it all the copiers

has enregistement rusilta it is afiche to wander 7101 reglage vfp queller the solution please.

address email: bmsm25000@yahoo.Fr

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I'm not sure what it is you are asking benatman.

The bits I understood are, you have set-up a 4inch VFP using 102mm paper, read the 18 step prints, and the Y,M,C and D prints.

Not sure what 7101 is, an error message?

As a guess do you have problems with bad uniformity (coloured lines in VFP the prints)?

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Error 7101 is a VFP set up error.

It's possible it can be caused by a bad connection on various PCB's

IPF control PCB

Main Control PCB

Sub Control PCB

Image transfer PCB

The Print Head itself

The IPF Control PCB is the most likely part if one has failed, there is also a fuse at the back corner of the IPF PCB that may have blown.

It depends how confident you are with your machine as to what you could check yourself.

This is all based on you having a QSS26.

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Oh! Thanks Andy, you should work for Noritsu!

The VFP setup error is normally given when the 18 step print is too far out of range for the machine to correct it.

First run a paper control strip to check the chemistry is on line.

Other cause is the densitometer not reading the prints correctly, this is normally caused by the densitometer being covered in dust!

If the 18 step prints look normal, i.e. the print goes from white to grey through to black. Then the most likely cause is the densitometer.

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No probs Dave,

Should have read his post not just yours, you are correct he states it has produced the test prints (I missed that  ::) ) so I just waded in there with the faulty parts.

It could well be the proc control as the VFP head realy does not like out of control chemistry, or like you say the densitometer not reading or advancing the prints correctly.

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ok then guys, every day during daily settup I have to set the vfp up. It works beautifully (I assume- as I have never had an error - and the print looks realy good). How the hell do I use it? no, I do not have a scssi socket, anywhere externaly. yes, I do have two empty scssi sockets, up under the keyboard,to the chemistry side. It surely is not as simple as just plugging a lead into one of them, and other end to computer?

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Hi Photographis

What VFP do you have 4" or 8" if I remember right the 4" prints at a lower DPI than the 8" and so is not very good for anything other than index prints.

When I used to operate a QSS 26 we used to have a SCSI cable exiting from down by mag B this was then connected to a Microtec FB scanner, this was daisy chained to the PC.

We also had to run some software on the external PC, EZMALL I think it was called. This would then allow you to output up to 8X10 prints from digital files.

On our 8" VFP you had to run Uniformity every day, this was a bit of a bind, oh and back then you had to use Windows 98 or 98se for the software to work.

As for the SCSSI cables you say are under the Keyboard I don't remember a connection under there. The cable for the VFP plugs into the IPF PCB, this is under the top cover of the printer, (the part that covers the lens deck) over by the wet section. There are two ports on there but again I can

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Nah! not missing, just lost.

on the question of the vfp, not even noritsu could tell me, even when suplied with serial no. and manufacture date.

There are in fact 3 scssi sockets , just under and to the right of the keyboard, on the wetside. one of those sockets (the one at the back) is populated by the keyboard.

If I had a propper manual, I could Identify the boards you are talking of. The routway is clear for the cable, and the pushouts are intact. Why fit a device and not enable it?

Irish if you ask me. (or is that Japanese?). In all probability a 4inch, and not worth enabling.

As to o/s, you are probably quite correct about 95/98 being the only possible o/s, as XP has made use of redundancy for data writing and transport, making it impossible to use a lot of legacy equipment. Shame realy, when something still has a few years of life in it.

Thanks for your input, appreciated.

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I'm a user of 2611 and work ok.

I have to buy an sci board but i dont know what kind of board

Some say Adaptec 2930.

I bougth a Nec with chipset Adaptec 2930 but dont recognice mi 2611

Anybody know what scsi boad i need?


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It may be the cable that is connected to the VFP head is damaged internally, the only realistic way to check it is by replacing the cable and test if the VFP is now operational again.

I have also known fuses to blow inside the VFP head itself (though only had this happen on a VFP8 head) not really a job you can do yourself as the head has to be completely dismantled, and then has to be focused and aligned using special jigs when fitted back on to the machine.

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i also cleaned densitometer but still the error is not resolved, when I run the daily setup in first bluish color printing and in iteration the next color printing is the better and Finally, the color prints are quite correct that occur error vfp errore 7101-20 and The first like the blue color is printed.

please help me

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