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2nd display  for 2611


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So unless you�re prepared to make up cables and adaptors and experiment, it�s not really a viable option.

  The price for an original display is big and you get the same 10 inch so i am prepared to

experiment ....a lot !

Is the monitor from 2211 the same with the one from 2611?

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I have seen somewhere on the internet photos of second hand 2611's fitted with standard monitors, I don't know where, but presumably it can be done.

I think the only solution for this type of thing is to have a second machine (and maye even third  ;D ) for spare parts, becuase it is unecononical to have to buy new parts from Noritsu, even some smaller parts cost more than the total worth of the machine.

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Regarding the QSS2611's fitted with ordinary monitors, I think they are the 2611E or 2611S version. I think they were sold in east Asian countries.

Thank you for the info !

  The model is 2611S and i found just one image on the web. I dont know if is ok to post here the image but if you are interested just search with GOOGLE for noritsu 2611s and choose the chinese sites.

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Hello everybody.

I am using 2611 too. I am having this problem that is the monitor only display 1 single line accross the screen when we switch on, and then after sometime it began to jump up and down, afterwhich it will be stable again. But  today it decided to display only 1 single line only. Please can anybody help?  Is there anyone who has successfully change the monitor to another type of display?

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