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V30 SM


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Is anyone else unfortunate enough to be running a V30 film processor on SM chemistry. If on the pump settings for Dev A B & C what do you generally find the output is?

Also has any one ever had these machines converted to a standard replenishment unit? If so what was the cost??

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Hey, why did I miss this post  ??) ::) SM, was a cock up from the very start.. mnn, but who am I to know  :P The idea is good, very good, bit in my humble opinion, it was not thought out fully, and was rushed out to get it on to the market.

I doubt very much that you can convert (at a affordable cost) Did you ask Noritsu?? if so, what was the cost, and could it be done?

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Hi, we have A V30 SM and it works like a dream, what problem are you having? Have you upgraded the software for the new F2 packs? Anyway the pump output settings on our machine are

cd-a 4.6

cd-b 4.6

cd-c 4.4

cd-water 30.5



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