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MP1600 Pin Stripes


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I have been working to resolve uniformity issues on my MP1600. Generally the uniformity looks good, but I have very fine lines pin stripes, running in the same direction as uniformity lines about 2mm apart across the entire print. It cannot be corrected by the calibrator, and when I use the flat bed scanner the pin stripes improve some but general uniformity gets worse.

Any suggestions?

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If you are sure this is a uniformity problem,do the following.

1) Wipe clean the MLVA head.

2) Clean your scanner glass (inside and outside)

3) Set the scanner program to "Revise More"

4) Do two uniformity passes (daily setup) on the revise more setting.

5) Set the scanner program back to Normal and do two more uniformity passes.

That should fix your uniformity problem.

If this does not work, I recommend you backup your data, and using a service disk, wipe out the Uniformity data from the machine. Then restart your uniformity setup from scratch.

If this does not work, your problem may not be related to uniformity.

Do you have a scan of the pinstripes that we can look at?

Are the pinstripes a certain color?

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