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Noritsu SM sensors


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I have been having some trouble wtih the SM sensors on my 2611, and want to know if there is an easy way of disabling them so they are always on, and I just keep an eye on the level of the chemistry in the packs. They're just so annoying when they start playing up, and it stops production.

Thanks for any help.

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First thing to do is to clean the sensors on each chemistry probe, to do this properly you will need to remove the plate that the packs fit onto and turn it upside down, then remove the sensors from the probe housing and clean the transparent plastic etc, also check the wires have not corroded then refit.

If any of the LED

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Thanks Dave for the answer. I actually have done all of the above, yet this one sensor still seems to go on and off intermitently. I took it all apart and cleaned it reassembled it, cranked up the adjusting pots to maximum, but it still kept flicking on and off. I presume it's a faulty sensor, I guess I will have to replace it.

It's just frustrating when you know it's a full pack and there is no way to clear the message in order to keep printing (except one print at a time!) until I can replace it.

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Looking at the circuit drawings pin 3 (white wire?) is the sensor output, this needs to be connected to GND, pin 2 (black wire) to make the LED come on all the time, thus fool the machine into thinking the pack is full.

You will need to find out which sensor is causing the problem.

The plug numbers and LED numbers are as follows:-

CD-A J/P 620 LED 10

CD-B J/P 621 LED 11

CD-C J/P 622 LED 12

STB J/P 623 LED 13

BF-A J/P 624 LED 14

BF-B J/P 625 LED 15

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much for your help Dave, I do appreciate it. The sensor causing trouble is the Stab on P1. I found a spare  2611 (for some other parts I needed) which is being delivered in a couple of days, so I will swap the sensors from that when I get it. Yesterday the machine decided to "heal itself" and didn't have any problems, so I was able to get all the work done, but then it started playing up again.


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