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Minilab related guide/help/instruction manual


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Dear Members,

Please be patience to read my big story here :)

I am a newbie from India,Kolkata.

I am trying to start a small photo-finishing studio. I own a photo studio and all these while I used to get my film/digital photo printed by BIG shop at my nearest town. Recently they have changed their equipment and print quality has gone down a lot. We were never happy with their service earlier as well. So we few independent studio owners decided to start up our own lab to save ourselves.

As I posted earlier we have purchased a QSS 1501 and QSF 430L to do our analog part of the business (still it is 70% of total business and we expect it to continue at least next 2yrs).

Now I am in process of learning techniques/method of operating these machines. I have gone thru manuals came with the machine. I think they are good for ideal situation when God and machine both working together :)

I am sure there are many technique/steps/process you know about these 2 pieces of equipment. This set was very popular I guess.  

I came across this website and found some great tutorial.

If you have any such manual or training material where I can learn more about monitoring the chemical, print quality, processing control strip,please post here. If hard copy then let me know about it I am ready to pay for the postal + copying cost.

Some one can elaborate the process/role of control strip. I am really scared at that part, I may damage customer

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Though both machines are very old, they are built like tanks and will go forever with very little care.

The problems you can get with 430 are mostly user error, you must use tape on both sides of leader card, and use the widest available. Clean the crossover rollers especially the bleach and fix about every 2 weeks. The squeezy rollers on the exit from the stabiliser need cleaninf with detergent once a month, other than that be careful with chemicals and watch the rep rate if not processing a lot of films.

The 1501, will never produce top quality, especially on Auto, PJP is a must and it's all down to the operator and experience. Best of luck, Paddy

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As Photocraft has said both machines are rock solid, if you follow the maintenance sections in the manuals you should have very few problems.

Here are some tips that apply to both machines.

Clean the exit rollers on each rack with water every night and each morning, spray water in the direction from left to right otherwise you will contaminate the chemistry.

Make sure the main tank solution levels are topped up each morning and evening with water, up to the red marks.

Remove all the racks every week and clean any crystallisation off the gears bushes and rollers.

Wash the chemical filters every week, replace every month.

Clean the rep pump poppet valve filters every month on both machines.

On the 430L be very careful when removing the CD rack not to drip chemistry into the loading box area, otherwise it will dirty the sensors at least and at worst cause a short circuit and damage the PCB

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