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Noritsu techs caused more probs them helping!


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We have a QSS 3302 PRO, from day one we were getting intermittant Main controller Errors.  I finally scheduled a check up.  Here's the step by step on what put us out of order for too long:

1.  TSR came out of Friday, looked around and decided that QSS software needed to be updated.  We are running v1.01.  He called parts and ordered v5.01.  Wow big jump for only having the machine for 8 mos.

2.  Software came on Monday, we call the hotline and got an appointment for thursday at 9am.  TSR came at 4:00pm

3.  TSR came and proceeded to install the software.  It wouldn't install so he opening the hood.  Testing voltages and riased voltage levels slightly.  He tried to re-install.  still no go.  SO...he ordered 2 new PCB's.  They were supposed to be overnighted and arrive Fri and he would return to install.

4.  Friday morning I call to get a tracking number and found out the parts did not ship!  We would not get them until monday or tuesday.  So I called the western regional manager.  Got parts orvernighted with staurday delivery.  But they ended up forgetting to tag for sat!  Still won't get them until Mon.  Called again, and they decided to have a tech stop by the Noritsu in LA and pick up the parts then drive to us on Sat.

5.  TSR came, repeated software install and got the same error.  HERE WAS THE FIX.  He looked at the software and noticed it was not for a PRO machine!  Wrong software obviously won't load succesfully!  He rolled back to the original software and we are back where we started.  He ordered the correct Pro software, v2.01 and it should arrive on tues next week.

In the end, the first tech ordered the wrong software part number and started this spiral of events.  

Hopefully the software fixes our Net order issues, I read through the tech's docs from Noritsu on this update and it looke like it addresses a ton of items in the 3302 Pro.

Glad we are under warrnaty!

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